Scotties all teams

Introducing the 2013 Ontario Scotties Teams

 Please note players are listed by position and may not match photo order.

Marlo Dahl 1Port Arthur Curling Club: Team Dahl

Skip Marlo Dahl, Vice Angela Lee, Second Steph Davis, Lead Kim Zsakai, Fifth Anne Zsakai

*Pam Feldcamp and Cheryl Kreviazuk spared in for Angela Lee during much of this event.





Krista McCarville 2Fort William CC: Team McCarville

Skip Krista McCarville, Vice Ashley Miharija, Second Kari Lavoie, Lead Sarah Lang, Coach Rick Lang





Tracy Horgan 1Idywylde CC: Team Horgan

Skip Tracy Horgan, Vice Jennifer Horgan, Second Jenna Enge, Lead Amanda Gates, Coach Andrea Ronnebeck





Kendra Lilly 2North Bay Granite CC:Team Lilly

Skip Kendra Lilly, Vice Laura Forget, Second Courtney Chenier, Lead JoAnne Comé-Forget





Catherine Auld 2Brant Curling Club: Team Harrison

Skip Jacqueline Harrison, Third Kimberly Tuck, Second Susan Froud, Lead Heather Nicol, Coach All Corbeil





Sherry MiddaughColdwater & District Curling Club

Skip Sherry Middaugh, Vice, Jo-Ann Rizzo, Second, Lee Merklinger, Lead, Leigh Armstrong, Coach, Bob Turcotte, Alternate Lori Eddy





Rachel Homan 1Ottawa Curling Club: Team Homan

Skip Rachel Homan, Vice Emma Miskew, Second Alison Kreviazuk, Lead Lisa Weagle, Coach Earle Morris





Julie Hastings 1Mississauga Golf and Country Club: Team Auld

Skip Catherine Auld, Third Janet Murphy, Second, Stephanie Matheson, Lead, Melissa Foster, Alternate Clancy Grandy




HarrisonBayview Golf & Country Club: Team Hastings

Skip Julie Hastings, Vice, Christy Trombley, Second Stacey Smith, Lead Katrina Collins, Coach Jim Anderson, Alternate Cheryl McPherson





Jill Mouzar 1Donalda Curling Club: Team Mouzar

Skip Jill Mouzar, Vice, Stephanie LeDrew, Second Danielle Inglis, Lead Hollie Nicol

*Danielle Inglis is the 2013 recipient of the Shorty Jenkins Sportsmanship Award.

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