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or call the club at   519-742-4281 or  1- 866-406-0051 toll free .

VIP Seating:

You’ll see every angle, and never miss a shot! You’ll be sitting directly behind the sheets in our raised, licensed and heated lounge. VIP guests also enjoy overhead cameras of both the home and away ends.

General Seating:

Get close to the action! Either in our bleachers beside sheet 5, or for a very unique experience, enjoy sitting at a table with 5 friends along side Sheet 1. Note: table seating is limited, and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event Passes

Event Pass General Seating on Ice: $95.00

Event Pass Reserved Indoor Seating: $115.00

Day Passes

Day Pass Round Robin General Seating on Ice: $12.00

Day Pass Round Robin Reserved Indoor seating: $15.00

Day Pass Semi-Final and Final General Seating: $15.00

Day Pass Semi-Final and Final Reserved Seating: $17.50

Single Draws

Single Draw Round Robin General Seating on Ice: $7.50

Single Draw Round Robin Reserved Indoor Seating: $9.00

Semi-Final General Seating on Ice: $10.00

Semi-Final Reserved Indoor Seating: $11.50

Final Game General Seating on Ice: $12.00

Final Game Reserved Indoor Seating: $13.50


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